In Focus


DraftCraft Publications announces 'The Demon Within', an annual compendium of first-hand versions of undocumented abuse within homes and families and survival journeys; the pain and shame that victims endured before breaking free and the need for a change in popular yet drastically skewed perception among the common and authorities.

We invite you all to write to us and contribute to this unique initiative undertaken by DraftCraft, starting now and culminating in a publication every Dussera.

Write in to us at and place 'The Demon Within' in the subject line.

You could share personal stories, opinions and suggestions and join us in this journey that will help change the lives of millions of women waiting for a glimmer of hope in their hopeless situations.

Students of law, journalism, social work and allied fields; volunteers from all walks of life; retired public servants and activists could join the Project.

DraftCraft Publications announces an Internship Program for the same in every first and third quarter of the year. See the Careers page for details and write to us at with complete details. For general enquiries about the book project, send an email to