In Focus


Bias - an inclination or prejudice for or against a person or a group - plays a critical role in the area of crimes against women. Family, friends, society, authorities such as the police, judiciary and para-legal entities, all comprise men and women who are victims of their own bias. It becomes more crucial in traditional communities, however, even in relatively modern set-ups, bias towards women is rampant.

A police personnel who finds it difficult to believe that a girl could be harassed by her father and family, a school principal who does not acknowledge a student's complaint of molestation at the hands of a reputed teacher, or a landlord who refuses to rent out his property to a single or a divorced woman... the examples are myriad and solutions few to come by!

The Woman Survivor through its team of dedicated volunteers and experts, constantly strives towards spreading awareness about existing bias in our minds, system and society. A woman, who is a victim, has to fight her own, the society and often the authorities who are responsible to help or assist her, making her life more difficult and her battle for survival and/or dignity more treacherous.

By way of workshops, talks and seminars for police personnel, judiciary, lawyers, journalists, social workers, rehabilitation groups and support personnel, The Woman Survivor aims to reach out to functional entities in the socio-legal infrastructure to sensitise and educate them in order to strengthen the system and make it more conducive for women to avail support.