In Focus


Over the last few years, awareness about privacy, norms and laws regulating privacy have garnered increasing attention in the media and judiciary. For most women privacy may not be an issue but for a victim or survivor, her entire life depends on it. Sadly, it's these very privacy norms and regulations that are flouted by perpetrators of crime with the help of authorities and individuals in position of power.

A family member like a father or husband may keep track of financial transactions of a woman he is estranged with, to know about her whereabouts and, in turn, stalk her. The authorities, instead of giving a clean chit to a 'father' or 'husband' should question this apparent stalking. In reality, an old, concerned 'father' or a 'husband' gets uninterrupted access to his daughter's or wife's bank account details although, by law, it's illegal!

The Right to Privacy needs to be expanded and analysed in depth. The Right to Privacy derives validity and legality on the basis of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution that guarantees the right to life and liberty.

The Woman Survivor, through its team of lawyers and researchers, analyses norms and practices, finds loopholes in law, proposes recommendations and spreads awareness through education, publication and films on privacy - your right as a woman.