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The strength of a man is known by the way he treats the weak. With the series of stories in the media on women and the way they are treated by men and the authorities, we thought it’s time to focus on solutions. Women are victimised and manhandled at home, treated like their paternal property under the guise of ghar ki izzat and face the worst at home itself. Worse still, is when they choose to move out and fight the offenders, the system works against them. The neighbourhood rogue positions himself as her ‘brother’ and aligns with the offender parent to ensure her silence. The police, on their part, only further the chauvinist view further: “Aakhir tumhara baap hi toh hai,” they say.

DraftCraft’s ‘The Woman Survivor’ is an initiative to help the woman survivor. The endeavour is to bring a change in hard-nosed mindsets...for good!

The Woman Survivor brings on one platform the latest on women rights and issues. News, legal issues, cases, state initiatives are critically reviewed by legal counsel Gajanan Khergamker and Team DraftCraft to provide an unbiased and informed legal opinion.

The information provided as Gajanan Khergamker's Opinion and DraftCraft Take can be used for reference and/or reproduced in the media but only verbatim, 'as is' and with complete and proper attributions. Any attempt or use in an altered form will tantamount to misrepresentation or mistake for which neither Gajanan Khergamker nor DraftCraft will be held responsible. The act may also invite legal action for defamation and copyright violation from Gajanan Khergamker.

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