In Focus


Do you feel strongly about women related issues? 
Do you have the time and inclination to follow up with the authorities and address a wrong inflicted on women?
Do you empathise with women survivors enough to spend sometime to work in their cause?
Do you feel disgusted with the state of affairs affecting women and want to make a difference?

Join in the DraftCraft campaign 'The Woman Survivor'

You could pitch in with ideas, time, energy and whatever means available to further a cause. As a volunteer, you could:
1) Interact with women survivors and work with victims of abuse in the process of empowerment and rehabilitation.
2) Travel with Team DraftCraft across India and abroad on unique projects that make a difference.
3) Photograph with teams to document survivor stories and get an opportunity to have your work featured in regular exhibitions, road shows and DraftCraft studios all over.
4) Film with teams to make documentaries, shorts and experimental films for authorities, media and international film festivals.
5) Work with teams to generate media content by way of news articles, reports, research papers and e-publications for authorities and the media.
6) Participate in regular workshops and talks across India and abroad where target groups are briefed about their legal position and discuss myriad facets pertinent to the issue in question at public fora.
7) Initiate projects of your own through DraftCraft and ensure that deprived groups are fetched justice through strategic media-legal intervention.

Those interested in volunteering with DraftCraft could mail in their contact details to and / or call on 08080441593 and discuss the potential of joining in the campaign.