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My molester still 'calls' me!

A crime as grave and inconceivable as child abuse, particularly committed by someone in the family, can never go unnoticed by other family members. When my father's brother, my uncle, molested me for years as a child, no one in the family including my parents, grandparents and aunt object to it or did anything to stop it. In retrospect, my behaviour, my fear of staying in the house and the history of such behaviour exhibited by my uncle was more than evident for anyone and everyone to stop it. Despite all this, I was put into the situation day after day, year after year.

The family's knowledge of the heinous act and support by silence to protect the 'uncle' in order to maintain their fake reputation in the society, encouraged him to go on then. Now after 15 years of keeping quiet, when I finally managed to speak out the truth, the family's continued support by harbouring him has given him enough courage that every few days he calls me to threaten me; to silence me and force me to return to the 'family house'. The creepy molester, unabashedly and fearlessly, calls from his own mobile phone and other times from the phone of local political group office where he works.

I am done with staying silent and my 'uncle' cannot hide behind the family anymore. I have sworn to make public every minute detail of his and every such 'uncle's' acts and an equally guilty 'family's' involvement here on this and every public forum so other young girls and women facing abuse get the strength to speak out!